How visitor management technology can protect you


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We are living through the strangest of times.


Nowhere is this more eerily felt than in city centers.  Just weeks ago there was a chaos of pedestrians, shops, traffic, and noise; office towers packed with people – all going about their day, moving from floor to floor, office to conference room, heading out to grab lunch, or meeting UberEats at the front desk. 


What was until very recently unimaginable has now come to pass.  Thousands upon thousands of hulking office buildings now all silent and empty.  As a building owner or the manager of one of these hollowed-out buildings, it must be strange to see your daily job – the smooth flow of people in, around, and out of the building – suddenly cease.


As odd as it might seem, NOW is the time to prepare for what happens next. When the virus eventually begins its slow decline (as undoubtedly it will), people will begin to filter back into the office – cautiously at first and then in increasing numbers. 


Your responsibility as a building owner or manager is to provide solutions to keep your tenants and visitors as safe and healthy as possible.  One important step in doing so is implementing a visitor registration and screening system. Most of the millions of visits to today’s office buildings are either recorded in pen on a sheet of paper or a ledger book or not registered at all.  This is not adequate post-COVID. 


Imagine you learn that a visitor to the fifth floor of your building on Tuesday tested positive for the virus on Wednesday.  How would you know who they may have come in contact with?  Who else was on that floor that day?  Who did they meet?  Do you have their contact information?   How will you notify them and the potentially infected people who they came in contact with? 

Implementing a visitor registration system can be as simple as visiting, creating an account, and inviting your tenants to join.  If you’d like your visitors to self-register, simply install a few iPads in the lobby.  Other than the optional iPads, there is no hardware to buy, install, or maintain. You could be up and operational instantly.  Lobbyfix offers scalable solutions for everything from a small doctor’s office to a massive skyscraper with hundreds of tenants.  


Features include:

  • Screening questions to identify high-risk visitors who are actively showing symptoms or may have come in recent contact with the virus
  • iPad-driven self-check-in to limit the contact between visitors and lobby staff
  • A complete log of entry time, destination, hosting party, and exit – with all data accessible on-line, at any time
  • A pre-registration questionnaire to dissuade high-risk visitors from approaching the premises
  • Notifications (mobile and web) that give the intended host the power to approve or reject the visit 


Yes, these are strange times. But life will return to normal.  You owe it to your visitors and tenants to keep them as safe as possible when it does.